From City streets to the universe - Keeping the social infrastructure looking good From City streets to the universe - Keeping the social infrastructure looking good


Day in and day out,
at any time,
we protect the safety
of social
to support
a stable society

Aiming to improve technical capabilities of the industry as a whole

Compared to “building,” “tearing down what is already there,” such as roads and buildings, involves more custom work on a site-by-site basis.
Taking advantage of such opportunities for innovation, we are working with other companies to develop new construction methods and technologies.


A strong human resources base to support safety and security

One of the concerns in a society with a declining birthrate and aging population is the shortage of technicians who support social infrastructure.
We are strongly aware of the “value of having people,” and are committed to recruiting and developing excellent human resources and establishing a system that allows us to send them to the field on an ongoing basis.


Contributing broadly to community life

DAI-ICHI CUTTER has expanded its bases of operations from Chigasaki to all of Japan.
We aim to be a company that comprehensively supports the safety and security of local communities by providing an environment that makes it easy to work, including childrearing support, and through a various contribution activities we conduct in the locations where we operate.


Natural disasters such as
earthquakes and typhoons can
happen at any time.
DAI-ICHI CUTTER is engaged
in projects related to the
maintenance and repair of
social infrastructure to
minimize damage in the event
of a disaster.


Restarting the social infrastructure as the first mover in the work so that people can use it safely and securely.

Technology Businesses
and Technologies

We pursue human resource development, work productivity, and technological innovation to protect the safety protect the safety and security and security of people’s lives to create an environment where diverse people can work.

For a sustainable society,
we continue to hone our
construction techniques,
which are
highly efficient
and have low
through daily


We support infrastructure by
creating a safe and
environment for
everyone,regardless of
gender or


We go beyond just beingtechnicians. We want to be an existence that we can be proud of to society and our families as a families as a company company called first (dai-ichi) in the world and universe.

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Let’s be the company
that will be called first
(dai-ichi) even in the