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Corporate Governance

We recognize that one of our important management issues is to establish a corporate governance system that enables us to coexist and prosper with our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, community residents, and employees, thereby enhancing our medium- to long-term corporate value.
In order to ensure transparency and soundness of management, we have appointed outside auditors and are working to strengthen our functions for monitoring management.


The Group has long had an awareness of ethical management with a “simple sense of justice and a healthy sensitivity.” In response to increased requests by stakeholders in recent years for strengthening compliance, we declared in winter 2021 that we would “create a corporate culture that places compliance at the center,” clearly stating the Group’s standards for ethical conduct.
By conducting our day-to-day activities in accordance with these clearly stated standards, we hope to earn the trust of our stakeholders as a whole and grow into a company that can further contribute to society.