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Specialized construction company supporting maintenance and repair of social infrastructure

DAI-ICHI CUTTER is a specialized construction company supporting the maintenance and repair of social infrastructure with its “cutting,” “washing,” “chipping,” “peeling,” and “scraping” technologies.
We will constantly pursue opportunities to realize a sustainable society through our business activities.

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Cutting and drilling business

Minimizing pollution and expediting work

Using diamond tools in cutting and drilling work, we reduce the burden (noise, vibration, and dust) on the surrounding environment while performing work safely and quickly.

Water jet business

Flexible work to minimize the impact on structures

We crush concrete, treat surfaces, cut various materials, and wash plant equipment with the waterjet that jets out the water pressurized up to 280 MPa (megapascal) by an ultrahigh-pressure water generator through a small-diameter nozzle.

Surface treatment business

Constructing surfaces for various finishing processes

We perform blasting work to remove coatings and prepare concrete and steel surfaces by impacting the object with abrasive materials, grinding, polishing, cutting (chipping), and stripping work on floor surfaces using specialized machines.

Shortening the work period and reducing the total cost with PlaCon floor (mirror finish) for polishing concrete floors

We offer total finishing from the removal of existing coated floors to grinding and polishing.
Concrete floors are repaired, reinforced, and polished to improve durability and achieve a beautiful marble-like finish.

Intermediate sludge treatment business

Balancing urban development and environmental preservation

From collection and transportation of cut sludge generated from pavement slab cutting work to intermediate treatment, we will respond to the demands of society and customers by providing one-stop responses with intermediate treatment facilities that meet the specifications of each local government.

Building maintenance business

Supporting comfortable urban living

Mainly in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, we provide high-pressure cleaning, building maintenance & inspection, and repair services for water supply and drainage facilities in condominiums, office buildings, and commercial facilities.