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PURPOSEWhat is our role in society?

Day in and day out,
at any time,
we protect the safety of
social infrastructure
to support a stable society.

How do we achieve that?MISSION

By refining construction
technologies with high efficiency
and low environmental impact
to respond to the challenges
of society and our customers.

By creating a safe and
comfortable working
environment for technicians
regardless of gender or nationality
to contribute to the development
of the industry.

We aim to be a cool person
and organization without
being self-important to be a company that we can be proud of
to society and our families.

What we aim forSTATEMENT

In Japan, where natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons are common, we have to live with disasters that may occur at any time.
We are engaged in projects related to maintenance and repair to minimize damage in the event of disasters, and we work as the first mover to restart the social infrastructure so that people can use it safely with peace of mind.

In our daily work, we constantly seek not only safety, but also human resource development, work productivity, and technological innovation. We aim to create an environment where diverse people can work, imagining working together with people of different languages around the world.
And aiming for an environment that is easy for everyone to work in may lead to collaborations with robots in the future.

We also believe that our day-to-day training to respond to disasters will lead to the opportunity to give back to society as a company that can, at any time, help in the fast recovery of disaster-stricken areas.

We go beyond just being technicians.
We will bring innovation to our day-to-day work and lead it to support society.
We aim to be a company that will be called first (dai-ichi) in the world and in the universe.

DAI-ICHI CUTTER vision movie

Message from the President

代表取締役社長 高橋 正光

Japan’s social infrastructure that was built along with the country’s rapid economic growth has enabled us to enjoy an affluent lifestyle.Also, with the evolution of information technology, the movement of people, goods, and information is leading our lives to an even more convenient world at an astonishing speed.As a result of technological developments in forecasting and inspections, it has become clear that social infrastructure, which is indispensable for our convenient lives, is seriously deteriorating. Along with disaster prevention measures, preventive maintenance and post-disaster maintenance measures are urgent issues.

We recognize that the role we are required to play in society is to continue to support the maintenance of social infrastructure indispensable for people’s safety and security, with specialized technologies for renewal, such as “cutting,” “washing,” “chipping,” “peeling,” and “scraping.”

As one of the leading groups of engineers in Japan, we believe it is our responsibility to society to build a strong management foundation so that we can continue to grow under strengthened governance, and to strive to continue to provide society with excellent and diverse human resources even in an era of a declining working population.

Our vision, which unifies the reason for our existence and our contribution to society, is that “day in and day out, at any time, we protect the safety of social infrastructure to support a stable society.”
We are convinced that by pursuing our vision, we can go beyond being just a group of engineers and enhance our corporate value as a group that can innovate day-to-day work, protect people’s lives, and contribute to society.

We are proud to be the first (DAI-ICHI) and will strive to be a company that contributes to society by being called first at all times. To this end, we would like to ask for your continued support.

Masamitsu Takahashi,President & Representative Director

Corporate Information