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Day in and day out, at any time, we protect the safety of social infrastructure to support a stable society.

DAI-ICHI CUTTER is engaged in projects related to the maintenance and repair of social infrastructure such as roads and bridges.The environment surrounding social infrastructure is changing day to day as it ages, and natural disasters occur more frequently.We fulfill our responsibility to society by restarting social infrastructure as the first mover in the work so that people can use it safely with peace of mind.

Corporate Information

DAI-ICHI CUTTER’s businesses

A sustainable society achieved through six businesses

We support social infrastructure by pursuing the respective technologies of “cutting,” “washing,” “chipping,” “peeling,” and “scraping”.Through the development of our business, we aim to enhance the sustainability of both society and the environment.

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Businesses and Technologies

DAI-ICHI CUTTER’s strengths

A leading company in a growing market

Various social infrastructures developed along with the rapid economic growth have deteriorated in quality, durability, and endurance due to aging and other factors, and there is a growing need to repair and renovate these infrastructures.

In the midst of the shift from the "manufacturing" to the "renovation and renewal" era, DAI-ICHI CUTTER, as a leading company in the specialty construction industry, is diversifying its construction methods through M&A and expanding its business sites nationwide.Since its establishment, the company has steadily increased its business performance and is the only specialty construction company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

Growing need for the repair and renovation of social infrastructures

The share of renewal (maintenance and repair work) in the overall construction market has been increasing since reaching the 20% level in FY2001, and it is expected to reach up to approx. 5.1 trillion yen in FY2023.

Nationwide coverage

Our Group is the only one of its kind to have a comprehensive nationwide presence, making us number one in the industry in terms of performance.

High revenue base

The Company's core revenue base is the cutting and drilling business, which plays an active role in the repair and maintenance of social infrastructure. Except one previous loss, operating profit margins have generally remained above 10%.
Sales in the construction industry are subject to seasonal fluctuations. We intend to standardize the fluctuations in performance by diversifying our businesses, such as entering the building maintenance business and the IT & office equipment reuse and recycling business in order to make a comprehensive contribution to a recycling-oriented society as well as to enhance our corporate value over the long term.

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Training and producing excellent infrastructure engineers

Human capital is an essential asset for DAI-ICHI CUTTER to fulfill its obligations responsibly. With the three pillars of our human resources strategy of "diversification and improvement in the quality of the employee experience (EX)," "branding," and "pursuit of safety and security,” we are creating a system that attracts excellent human resources and a comfortable work environment where everyone can play an active role over the long term.

EX (diversification and improvement in quality)

  • Respect for career diversity

  • Providing educational opportunities according to stage, such as encouraging working adults to enroll in universities

  • Promotion of women in the workplace


  • Visualizing the social value of the entire business

  • Communicating pride in work and the coolness of technicians to improve job satisfaction

  • Expansion of associates (stakeholders)

Pursuit of safety and security

  • Maintaining technical manuals and visualizing and passing on intangible technologies through images, videos, and numerical values

  • Ensuring work-life balance and providing childcare support in cooperation with local communities

  • Enhancing training programs tailored to the year of employment, rank, and purpose

The path taken by DAI-ICHI CUTTER

From Chigasaki to the whole nation.We aim to be the company called first (dai-ichi) in the world and in the universe to support society.

1966 to 1979


  • March 1966 DAI-ICHI CUTTER KOGYO was founded by individuals to specialize in flat sawing.

  • August 1967 DAI-ICHI CUTTER KOGYO K.K. was established at 1588 Yanagishima, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

1980 to 1993

Expansion of business

  • We successfully completed large-scale projects: the complete concrete replacement of a 4,000 m long base runway (1986) and installation of buried light fixtures on an airport runway (1987).

1994 to 2004

Expansion of business areas, listing of shares

  • June 2004 Listed on JASDAQ(Securities code: 1716)


Expansion overseas and entry to new fields

  • February 2005 First overseas work performed in Indonesia

  • We entered building maintenance, surface treatment, and environmental businesses.


Efforts to achieve the SDGs

In order to realize a sustainable society, DAI-ICHI CUTTER has set five materialities and is working on 14 SDGs.


Training and producing excellent infrastructure engineers

・Strengthening recruitment and training of human resources

・Promoting work-life balance

Formation of a sustainable business mode

・Technology and R&D leading to reduced environmental impact, improved quality, labor savings, etc.

・Strengthening the network with group companies, subcontractors, other companies in the same industry, partners, etc.

・Ensuring safety

Harmony with communities

・Contributions to local communities


Contributions to a recycling-oriented society

・Greenhouse gas mitigation

・Noise suppression and soundproofing

・Appropriate management of water

・Appropriate management of waste

・Maintenance and repair of aging buildings


Enhancing corporate governance

・Observance of compliance and promotion of awareness

・Improving the effective functioning of the Board of Directors

・Management of subsidiaries

from the President

Message from the President