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We believe that the social responsibility of DAI-ICHI CUTTER is to protect
the safety and security of a wide range of people.
To this end, we are confronting a variety of social issues, including aging infrastructure,
and are working to resolve these issues through the continuation of our business.

Leading the industry and contributing to advancement

Development of new methods and technologies in cooperation with internal and external parties

Expansion of the development system

Based on “problems” in the field, we proceed with development speedily as a project within the company and collaborating with third parties, such as major general contractors, plant manufacturers, business partners, and universities.

Development example: Hydro-Jet RD method

This method reduces the time required to replace bridge floor plates by about half by allowing time-consuming work to be done without restricting traffic.
Research and development were conducted jointly by Hanshin Expressway Company, Tobishima Corporation, and DAI-ICHI CUTTER KOGYO K.K.

Creating an environment where everyone can work comfortably

Branding that enhances job satisfaction

From backstage workers to "cool" technicians

In order to take pride in our work and continue to deliver technicians to job sites across the country in a stable manner, we are working to communicate internally and externally the "coolness" of technicians and their appeal as important players in supporting infrastructure.

Backing up diverse work styles

Work-life balance project

Members from across the company have been convened to design systems for work styles, such as curving long working hours, implementing a complete five-day workweek system, and improving ways to take time off.We are also working to create a workplace that allows both men and women to work flexibly, by offering them the choice between nationwide work or work in a certain region, allowing them to set working hours according to work style, etc.

Elaborate education and training system

DAI-ICHI CUTTER technicians are required to have many skills, such as a wide range of knowledge and communication abilities, in addition to technical skills. For this reason, we provide elaborate training by year of employment and rank. We also support those who wish to enroll in a university (correspondence courses) for working adults.

Aiming for
a safe and secure work environment

Day in and day out, at any time

Through training and the preparation of accident prevention manuals, we ensure safety-first constructions. We also offer GLTD (Group Long Term Disability) insurance, which compensates for the loss of wages, and a full range of benefit programs that can be applied to family members as well.

Innovation through planning and technology

Pursuit of higher efficiency

Innovations that focus on people and the environment

Technology that improves work efficiency in the field leads to the realization of better working environments for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and disability.We also aim to develop technologies that are not only people-friendly but also environmentally friendly.

Visualization of techniques

To develop flexible and responsive technicians, we have systematized the eye movements of skilled workers and visualized the angles and speed of their body movements, machine operation procedures, etc.This allows for a smoother acquisition of more reliable techniques.

Improving efficiency through system development

We have developed a unique sales support tool that systematizes a series of operations, from work scheduling to worksite information management.Operations on a tablet allow information to be entered and checked during sales activities and in the field, leading to increased efficiency.

Suppression of vibration and noise

Consideration for a comfortable living environment

Particularly in the works on roads and buildings in urban areas, it is essential to devise ways to reduce the impact on daily life.DAI-ICHI CUTTER's methods use industrial diamonds and high-pressure water to perform cutting and other operations. The main features of these methods are little vibration and noise.

Reducing environmental impact

Carbon offset

We support our customers' environmental impact reduction activities by carbon offsetting the energy used in construction processes.

[Supported services]
・Intermediate sludge treatment business
・PlaCon floor

Protecting the marine environment

Oil leakage from hydraulic equipment has been a problem in waterside and underwater work where electric tools cannot be used. With the development of ECOA, a hydraulic driven cutting and drilling method powered by water instead of oil, oil leakage has been eliminated and waste oil treatment is no longer necessary.

Management of service water and wastewater

We provide a one-stop service from cutting work to wastewater disposal by implementing the "water recycling method," in which wastewater from work is filtered and reused as cooling water, and by owning our own intermediate treatment site.

Supporting the safety and security of local communities

Contributions to local communities

Disaster cooperation agreement with Chigasaki City

We have signed an agreement with the Chigasaki City to utilize our unique assets, such as our special vehicles, machinery, and many technicians, as a disaster volunteer for flexible recovery measures in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Take-out subsidy

We subsidized the cost of take-out lunches with the goal of supporting local restaurants in the COVID-19 pandemic.The initiative is a catalyst for communication with local restaurants at our business locations across the country, promoting a connection with the community.

Naming rights partners

We promote naming rights agreements in order to contribute to local economies and to raise employees’ awareness of social contribution. (Participating facilities: Akitsu Soccer Field and Akitsu Baseball Field, Chiba Prefecture / Chigasaki Central Park, Kanagawa Prefecture / Ariake Dam, Hokkaido)

Introduction of employment support services for persons with disabilities

IBUKI, an indoor farm type employment support service for people with disabilities, was launched.Our employees with disabilities are engaged in growing herbs at our booth at the IBUKI farm in Ebina City. The herb tea and other products produced are utilized as in-house novelties.

Donation of yellow hats for traffic safety

Yellow hats worn by elementary school students in Chigasaki City will no longer be distributed free of charge by the city, but will be purchased at the expense of each family. Thus, we donated 2,140 hats for new first-grade students in Chigasaki City through the city.

Corporate version of “hometown tax”

We made a corporate version of the hometown tax payment or “Furusato Nouzei” to Mito City, Tochigi City, Maebashi City, and Hokkaido's Taiki Town.The corporate version of “hometown tax” is a program in which companies make donations to government-approved regional revitalization projects.We will continue our efforts based on the philosophy of giving back to the local governments at each of our locations and for regional revitalizations.

Elementary school watch-over squad and hands-on work experiences

The Sapporo Office sent a squad to watch over children going to and from school and held a hands-on asphalt/concrete cutting event at a local elementary school.We plan to continue these activities as part of our contributions to the community and career education for children.
You can watch these initiatives on a video.

Donation of 100 tablets to an NPO

In conjunction with the update of our equipment, we donated tablets that can still be used as "Mottainai supplies" to NPO Mottainai Japan located in Chigasaki City.These tablets are used at infant care centers, nursing homes, and other facilities.

Corporate Information